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Web Design Tips That Maximize Profits

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Web DesignWeb Design Profits Profits
Do you have a passion for all things design? Would you consider yourself a budding web designer? If so, this is the title for you. This great eBook will hold your hand through all the steps you need to take to make your passion a viable business.
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Every business should have a professional website that maximizes profits. A great website will attract your target market and double your revenue. Here are some design tips that will maximize your earnings.

1. Avoid Using Popup Windows

People don’t like popup windows, so don’t use them. Popup windows are annoying, and they will drive customers away from your website. They aren’t attractive, and they don’t look professional.

2. Don’t use pictures for your background

Using layouts that contain pictures is amateurish. They distract people from the information that you are trying to deliver, so avoid them. Most people don’t use them because they look cheap and unprofessional.

3. Don’t distract people with sounds

Avoid using sounds and animations because they are distracting. They will drive people away from making a purchase. Keep your website simple, and it will be more effective.

4. 70 percent of your website should be editorial content

Don’t use too many advertisements on your page. Your site should contain a lot of editorial content. Make sure the content is valuable, and persuade your readers with powerful words and exciting information.

5. Compress all image files

Images can soak up a lot of memory for most people. Many times they take too long to load. Purchase graphics software and compress those files. If you don’t, you risk losing customers.

6. Your website should be easy to use

Make sure that your site is not too complicated. You will lose business if it is too hard to find things on your website. Make sure people can get back to the home page when they need to. Furthermore, you should make sure that your site is working right from time to time. Follow these tips and your website will be more effective.

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Mark Abrahams is a full time internet marketer who has helped others to earn a living online. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_A._Abrahams

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5 Top Reasons For Making Money Online

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This book will tell you how to make the most from 100% commission offers. You will learn how to spot a good offer, and avoid a bad one, how to utilize 100% commission offers effectively and much more besides this.
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Making money online is not as difficult as it may seem. But for some reason many people just do not take it seriously, they treat it as some sort of “get rich quick” scheme. I have heard comments like, “get a real job!” What? You do not hear me complaining nor begging anyone for anything, yet many who are working a so-called “real job” steadily complain they never have enough of what they need to live. Making money online is so much better and here are five reasons why:

  1. Economy is down: People are losing jobs left and right and banks are defaulting. And since major department stores are closing down people are turning to the internet in search of the best bargains because they still need things! It could be you giving them those bargains of a lifetime.
  2. Working a job sucks: Nine out of ten times you are doing a job you do not like working for a company that really does not like you. Furthermore, nowadays most companies have the infamous “terminate for any cause” clause meaning they could fire you at the drop of the dime. You are not in control of your own fate!
  3. Having to physically get to work: I know how much you love trying to maneuver through all the traffic on your way to that “real job”, don’t you? And just look at the outrageous prices you are paying for gas… you could be saving all that cash for “real good time”.
  4. More respectable: Would you rather clean toilets and flip burgers (in that order!) or marinate in the fact you own your own internet business and can leave those tasks to the uninitiated money makers?
  5. Money comes faster: I currently promote several products online that pays me instantaneous 100% commissions which means I do not have to wait two weeks or even a month to get paid. I can literally create any income on demand with these particular online money making products! You cannot get that with a “real job”.

I could go on and on, but let us face it some people will never step up to the plate and prefer complaining and making negative comments about those who are making money online. Do they not see the internet is the new gold rush? Heck, those doing the complaining are among the main ones flocking to the internet for a better deal!

It would be more beneficial if they were on the other side of the coin avoiding the sucky job, turning their personal economy around, being a respectable business owner, and getting loads of money in record time. But since I know you -who are reading this right now- is a whole lot smarter than that, you will follow my advice and start making money online today!

William “Caleb” Rodgers is a netpreneur with over 5 years of online money making experience. For more detailed information on making money online plus numerous free to low cost advertising methods read and follow the FREE Guru SuperTips ebook at MarketSecrets.us [http://marketsecrets.us] NOW.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=William_Rodgers

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Make Money Online

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing FREE eBook

Discover the power of Social Media Marketing and how to get your business to go viral. 
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Social media marketing is not completely new, but it is the viral part of online marketing that has taken off in the last few years. A brief definition of it is the process of increasing traffic to your site or gaining attention online through social media sites.

What are social media sites?

These types of sites are ones that rely on human interaction to work, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They all require social actions that differ in the way they work such as Twitter gives you 140 characters max to say something or through a video or picture, whereas Facebook allows you unlimited characters and the chance to add many photos at a time, join events or share updates.

Why are social media important?

Social media marketing is very important to enhance and support search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as once a page of a site or a link is found by social media users, it can then go ‘viral’ pointing many links back to the website which in turn is seen as a sign of popularity to the search engines and giving a boost in rankings to the said site.

Taking a look at the big three, as mentioned above Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we can have a look how each of them can help with your marketing efforts.

Using Facebook is probably the easiest and most common social media site that people have heard of. Although Twitter has millions of users, many people only use Twitter to follow celebrities or directly for their business. The average Joe won’t always be found on Twitter, whereas with Facebook it’s all about you, then a lot of people use it.

Both small and large businesses rely on Facebook to help promote offers they have at the time, as well as using it to post photos and videos. It’s also a great way to get people to interact as users can share updates from businesses, meaning that social media marketing is made all that much easier.

Having a page of Facebook is the way to go for businesses and encouraging people to like it through incentives such as competitions and prizes means that people are willing to tell others about your page, and then subsequently about your business.

Twitter as mentioned above is not as all consuming as Facebook because of the type of people using it, but if you are using Twitter to interact and make relationships and network, then it is even more effective than Facebook. This is because people don’t have to scroll through a page to see what you are talking about. What you say and do is limited to the 140 characters so you have to be clear and concise in your actions and words, therefore making it easier to impress people (or annoy them!).

Twitter takes some hard work where social media marketing is concerned as you have to build up a following before you can even start to influence followers and getting that following is the start of the battle. People won’t want to follow you if you constantly tweet promotional tweets or are always reTweeting others messages. You have to make sure you are worthy of following and that what you say will engage people.

Once you have achieved this, then you rinse and repeat and keep writing what you have been writing that attracted your followers on the first place. Your message and business can then be spread across Twitter giving you invaluable links.

YouTube is also so commonly known that, like Twitter, you have to be very focused to successfully use it in your social media marketing campaign. YouTube works more for educational websites and those selling things that could benefit from demonstrations. Using the right tags and descriptions also adds to the campaign so people can find your videos using the tags.

The videos have to be well made, and if you take the time to compile theses videos and people like what they see, it can take a matter of hours for your videos to go viral, again giving you national and even international exposure!

Make sure you have a comprehensive social media marketing plan before you start and take into consideration how each of the big three sites mentioned above can enhance your business, and you won’t go far wrong!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Wendy_Poulopoulos

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